Run Flat Tyres

Run flat tyres help to carry the weight of your vehicle when a tyre starts to lose pressure. Designed with a reinforced sidewall a run flat tyre can be driven on for up to 50 miles at a lower speed of 30mph, allowing you to safely reach a garage without the need to change your tyre on the side of the road or worse a busy motorway.

Different manufacturers will state that run flat tyres can be driven for 30-50 miles, however this should only be done if you are unable to get to a garage, you must get your tyre inspected as soon as possible.

Driving this distance may not be possible depending on the extent of the tyre puncture and weather conditions can also affect this.

How do I know if my vehicle has run flat tyres?

Each manufacturer uses different terminology for a run flat tyre. Some that you may of heard of include:

  • Puncture Proof
  • Run on Flat
  • Self supporting
  • ContiSeal
  • Driveguard

You can identify if your tyre is run flat by looking for any of these markings on the side of your tyre:

  • DSST - Dunlop
  • HRS - Hankook
  • RFT
  • ROF
  • Run Flat
  • SSR - Continental
  • ZP - Michelin

Not sure if your tyres are run flat. Contact WeDo Tyres Limited on  0800 994 9088 for further advice

Can I get a Run Flat tyre repaired?

This can all depend on the manufacturer however in most cases you will require a replacement tyre, it is much harder to repair a run flat tyre due to the reinforced sidewall, however some specialists can carry out repairs.

How will I know if I have a puncture with a run flat tyre?

Unlike standard tyres, it is more difficult to identify whether your tyres have a puncture with a run flat tyre. All vehicles that are compatible with run flat tyres will have a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System installed. This is specifically designed to make sure tyre pressure is monitored and will show an alert on your vehicle's dashboard if there is a loss of pressure.

WeDo Tyres Limited stock a large range of run flat tyres to suit every pocket, you can use the tyre search on this page to search for tyres for your vehicle and make a booking in a few easy steps. Book online or contact us on  0800 994 9088.

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